Hazel Courteney

Award winning health/spiritual writer.  Her column 'The Spiritual Detective' in Spirit and Destiny magazine bridges the gap between science and spirituality.  Her book 'The Evidence for the Sixth Sense' is a best-seller.

Hazel Courteney proves there is an abundance of scientific evidence for phenomena previously considered impossible.

When I met Hazel Courteney, she was an award winning health columnist for the Sunday Times.  In  1998, she had survived an incredible near-death experience.  In her book, Divine Intervention she explains how she nearly died on Easter Sunday and subsequently, for a short period of time, became telepathic, affected electrical equipment, materialised ash, and to her amazement, began hearing messages from the spirit world. 

In the sequel, Divine Intervention 2, Hazel takes us on another intriguing journey, seeking scientific proof for her experience in 1998.  She interviews highly accredited scientists, psychics and healers from around the world to explain phenomenon such as life after death, energetic healing, multi-sensory awareness ability and the possibility of miracles.

Read more about Hazel and her work at www.hazelcourteney.com


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